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Originally Posted by Fraxum View Post
The Z/28 is out of reach for most and it's exclusivity will mean we will not see one in the more affordable $30-40K range for years, if ever. For those with the $$ to spend $60-80k on a weekend track car they will not be taking the Z/28 to the drag strip. They will also buy a cheap track beater, like a 2013+ GT500 as well if they care, but most will not. Those in this SES group look down at the commoners at the drag strip and do not fathom the attraction.

But for the slightly less affluent who want the high end in both venues in one car, they will buy a Nissan GT-R. Godzilla!

Imagine what the Z/28 could do with AWD. My Z/28 AWD 1/4 estimate: 11.5@117 1.6 60' out of the box.
Did you read Doc's post? There is a subculture of people who spend tens of thousands of dollars in NASA/SCCA circuits. Some of them race cars with far more $$ into them than what the z/28 will sticker for. There aren't many (relative) of these people, but there won't be many if this car. Guarantee a lot of those people already have their eyes on this car - that they won't have to do brake/aero mods to, and other things. You'll see
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