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Originally Posted by Fiftydriver View Post
Why did Ted stop offering the Maggie upgrade kits?

So your just running forged rods and pistons, correct? What RWHP level are you running at. If I remember correctly, its not all that much considering the amazing 1/4 mile times your putting down. Your car has always been my blueprint for what I would like to do with my L99.
Ted didn't stop. The guy making the spacer just disappeared. I offered my spacer as a template but he didn't want to do it at that time.

My engine has forged pistons and rods with ARP 2000 hardware. Stock heads with Teds cam and valvetrain. Races on 104. Currently it makes 732 rwhp but once I can get traction Ill start to up that a little. At one point Id like to have 800 rwhp. My set up is far from some of the things guys are doing but it has worked for me!!
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