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Originally Posted by DKSynergy View Post
Wait let me get this straight.... your "Back up car" is a freaking Viper!!!! ok i hate you now LOL Jealous doesnt begin to describe my feelings now LOL I need to join the military because you got to much money man lol
hahahaha dont do it! its not mine but ill have it for the rest of this year since my buddy deployed and then hes going to AZ when he gets back and wont have time to pick the car up

Originally Posted by blink View Post
Is this real life? ^^^

And I don't have an ez pass, although I should considering all my driving I do.

And Kunch if you go I'll probably go too. I'll be down that way anyway later to go to northbeach. I'll actually be home next week all week. Imagine that.
go get one it makes life so much easier!

Originally Posted by SILVERHAWK View Post
Damn nice back up vehicle George....... I am definitely in the wrong line of work....ahahahahha

Well, I was hoping that everyone would have it, but I guess that was wishfull thinking......bring toll money just in case..... we went up 13 last time, but kept having to pull over due to the lights.....I know there probably won't be as many this time, but it will be easier to take RT1 all the way up
hahaha jim! try not to pull me over when im in the viper.. next thing i want is to see people i know see me get pulled over in the viper

Originally Posted by blink View Post
I need to know how much my tolls are weekly to get reimbursed.
hmm you know Ezpass have a list of tolls youve been through and how much they are.. like a monthy activity.. its better than having all those receipts

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