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Originally Posted by old motorhead View Post
Isn't there a guy on here with a Maggie blown low compression 416 that's stuck around the 600rwhp number? Isn't a forged crank a bit overkill at any hp number a Maggie is capable of? Not for a moment saying it's a bad choice. Just that I think there are better bang for the buck options out there.
The aftermarket cranks are a pretty good deal compared to what you pay for reusing a stock crank, especially for the blower cars.

The stock crank will be light on the counterweights for a forged rod and piston combo, so it would need heavy metal installed to balance out. Not to mention that they are not keyed for a supercharger, so you would have to pay to either key it in a mill at the machine shop (which is the best way) or have it "pinned", which has it's own problems for sure.

The aftermarket cranks will have the heavy metal installed and are really close to what most forged piston and rod combos will weigh and won't even need any more heavy metal when you have it balanced. They are also already keyed all the way up the snout for the keyed balancers for supercharged cars.

In the end, you have paid almost just as much for a stock crank, and you're still down 40 cubic inches.
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