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Originally Posted by JLE58 View Post
If your staying under a 1000 with a supercharger I wouldn't spend the money if I wanted to stay stock cubes. If I was going to buy a forged crank I would spend the money on a nice one. I've seem quite a few cheaper ones break but I've never seen a stock one break. A turbo unless you were shooting for crazy numbers or more cubes there really isn't any reason to change it out. Mighty Mouse ran mid and low 8's in his 3800 lb turbo car for years with a Erl block and a stock crank out 20k miles on it also in that time.
I mean thats where about I'm thinking I will end. Probably dead on around about a 1000whp. I'm sure I can make it stock cubes and I like the 6 bolt heads that come with it but maybe its more cost effective to put the right components in the LS3.

I was looking at the B15 strongly or buying a shortblock from TSP. I'm up in the air but the stock stuff is taking a beating so far so I'll keep it moving.
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