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Originally Posted by HeavyArms SS View Post
Yea I took the passenger door panel off and wired up the autotrix window kit, so the window motor is getting more juice. I'm just not sure about replacing the motor since it is pop riveted to the door. Plus it's almost 110 out and I have no garage. I actually just bought a '99 Mystic Teal Metallic TA today off of craigslist. 1 owner, immaculate, 93k miles for $5500! Hopefully it won't take long to sell our cars. Glood luck on selling yours, it is pretty sweet.
Carbide bit and drill the head off. At least yours is popriveted so it's probably got a dimple to rest the bit into. Mine had the factory bucked rivets and I'll be damned if I couldn't get that drill to center!

Good luck man, and watch those door panels and headlight motors! Oh, and one other thing:

You'll thank me after a few weeks of night driving.
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