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Originally Posted by KKreme15 View Post
Did you read Doc's post? There is a subculture of people who spend tens of thousands of dollars in NASA/SCCA circuits. Some of them race cars with far more $$ into them than what the z/28 will sticker for. There aren't many (relative) of these people, but there won't be many if this car. Guarantee a lot of those people already have their eyes on this car - that they won't have to do brake/aero mods to, and other things. You'll see
Sure, but that's still quite a bit of disposable income. To them respect. They are into the racing and they are not among the working poor. I think Z/28s will sell. But not too most of the people who wanted one. They were expecting Boss pricing and the Z/28 will be out of their reach. For them there is the 1LE.

Besides the hard core trackers most of the the rest of the Z/28 owners will be well heeled people who will not go near a drag strip. That's Okay, it's not what the Z/28 was built for.

But even after that rant, I am happy that GM went out and built a track halo car well deserving of the Z/28 name. Wish I could put one in my garage. Make mine red with A/C.

I see the V8 Camaro pecking order like this: Z28 > ZL1 > 1LE > SS.

I put the Z28 at the top just for bad boy attitude alone. It's not for everyone. The ZL1 is also a special car, but built more for the general well heeled muscle car buyer. Look at all the choices we have! We are all so very lucky compared to 5 years ago.

Sorry for being so off topic: Z28 12.1-2 @ 115
(I bumped the mph +1 from my earlier guess, the Internet has better air this afternoon)

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