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Originally Posted by Skexies View Post
well, to combat this... I'm taking my own approach.

I'm adding a Snow Performance Stage 2 water/alch injection (MAF type).

In addition, I'm adding a catch can. I like the RX check valve but I wish it had a neet-o multistage filter employing something like Elmer W. Bush's patent US 4089309 A or to a lesser degree the Mishimoto's 40 micron bronze filter.
The newest Mishimoto is on the right track (expensive, but nice piece) but they are still allowing oil laden vapors to mix with separated ones so although they are getting close, they still have some pullthrough (The Elite works as well for 1/2 the $).

The little bronze 40 micron filter is off of a $15 lowes home air compressor separator.....but this is by far their best offering to date, and it would only take a small amount of redesign to make it as (or even...ahem...cough...better than) the RX can...but at a cost of 2-3 times as much.

The industrial applications for far more sophisticated versions have been in use for the past 30-40 years:

Originally Posted by RedVictory View Post
I seafoam all my cars but some validation would be nice so I know im not wasting my money and time.

Lets see some valve pics.
Here are all the picture you would want to see from every make car, light truck, motorcycle, and 4 stroke outboard: &source=univ&sa=X&ei=K4U2UZufFI-W8gSW9oDQDg&sqi=2&ved=0CDIQsAQ&biw=2021&bih=875

Includes before and after seafoam (and similar) treatments and with and without some poor functioning catchcans/
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