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Originally Posted by firestone_ss View Post
hey let us know how they perform haven't heard anything from owners with them, always interested in other options, good luck!
Definitely. I got 275/40-20 in the front and 315/35-20 in the rear. These are not factory rims though. That size will not fit the factory 20" SS wheels, FYI.

The reason I went with that size is I needed wider tires for these wheels and it was the only size that would not change my overall diameter and throw my speedo and odo off. Supposedly, it's not ideal going 315 on a 10" rim, but if there's a little bulge, I don't mind. But I've seen photos of these tires on these wheels, and it looks like damn near a perfect fit so I'm not worried.

Originally Posted by Misty View Post
Jessie got me a great deal but I made the mistake of having them installed at the Discount Tires in Bellevue instead of Federal Way. BIG MISTAKE They ended up putting scratches in all 4 of my painted wheels. They repainted them but did an awful job. So if you do get them from Jessie be sure to have them installed at Federal Way not Bellevue.
Wow! Yeah, he offered to get them done at Bellevue as then I might not have to wait while the rears were ordered as they didn't have them in stock at Federal Way. Luckily, since you said that, that didn't work out so I'm getting them done at Jessie's shop. I'll be sure to stress that they be careful with my rims. Thanks!
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