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Originally Posted by Quick View Post
I never did run 12's in stock form.My best was a 13.3 but that was in 90 degree
heat.I never ran my car stock in cold air. Could it have picked up three tenths? maybe.
I also ran my car then with 36 psi in the tires and was cutting 2.xx 60' times.

But this isn't about "my car is faster than your car" I just thought the 1le with all the goodies would be faster than 12.9's and maybe it will be.Thats why I said I would wait and see what others post up.

Drop...please post your dyno #'s when you get them.
Yep we need more passes. One car, 8 passes at one track is hardly definitive.
I suspect times will improve as he gets more seat time.

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