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OK, so as I stated previously, I followed the LLT Seafoam DIY guide. Many thanks to it's author.

First, I dumped half a can in my cold crankcase:

Then I slowly poured the other half into the brake booster vacuum line. It really helps to have a second person for this part to keep the RPMs up, as at idle RPM it's very easy to flood the engine and kill it. Several times. Ask me how I know!

Next, I wanted to do the Seafoam spray with the engine running, but as I said before, the LFX doesn't have the port they show being used in the LLT DIY, so I had to improvise. First, I thought I could just use the included curved plastic guide and just slip it between the intake air tube and the throttle body, but the TB plate is so close to the top/front of the opening that I felt the guide and spray tube would actually make contact with it if it opened during the process.

So, I started trying to figure out how else to route the spray tube into a position upstream of the TB where it could spray into the intake air stream, and came up with this:

I wound up using the curved guide near the end of the spray tube, and pulled the spray tube back through the intake tube until it was routed within the intake tube roughly like this:

This seemed to work pretty well, but there was a good coating of Seafoam in most of the intake air tube when I was done, and some pooling of Seafoam near the TB. This left an oily residue in the intake tube, which I'm not thrilled about, but short of removing the tube completely and simply spraying into the bare TB, I'm not sure what else to do.

Again, it would have been nice to have an assistant for this step, as I killed my motor a couple of times during it due to low RPMs. Seafoam recommends spraying it in with the RPMs about 1000 above idle, BTW.

Finally, I poured a full can in my gas tank and filled it up. Maybe not necessary, but WTF, I had a can so I went for the full Monty.

So, lots of smoke later, it's done. Next we'll see if/how effective it was.
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