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Originally Posted by Glen e View Post
Lou Bachrodt Chev - Pompano Beach
So far very happy with their service - I really value people who will answer email and Jeremy, the serv advisor I was intro'd to on delivery - has been quick to turn around 2 emails I sent him regarding things on my new car that I was not sure of. Also, very quick to sched me for a oil change when I am ready, and promises 30 min turnaround. So far so good.

Patrick - my sales contact - has also been quick to return calls regarding some incoming accessories and paperwork.
I am glad that you are having a good experience at Lou Bachrodt Chev - Pompano Beach. As a fellow Camaro owner who used to go to Lou Bachrodt Chevy - Coconut Creek; I would suggest that you stay as far away as you can from their service department.

On a good note, we should add Ed Morse Chevy in Sawgrass to the list of good dealerships as they have done everything they could to help me with my services unlike some *************** from Lou Bachrodt Coconut Creek. Also, When Ed Morse told me that it will take 1 hour, I usually got the car back within 50 minutes. At Lou Bachrodt I was told I would get my car back in 3 days, when in reality I got it back in 2 weeks. Dealing with Lou Bachrodt has left me with a sour taste in my mouth.
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