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Originally Posted by txaggie_08 View Post
Is piston slap a common problem in GM cars? I've only owned one other Chevy in my life, and it didn't have the problem. Is this a serious issue with the cars that GM will not fix or what?
when the LS1 first debuted, excessive piston slap was an everyday occurance for most owners. partly because the pistons werent matched to the cyl bores in each engine. its not a serious issue. it is annoying, but as long as you arent running 6000rpm all day long right off the start, you wont have to worry about it.

Originally Posted by oachalon View Post
gms newer engines dont have piston slap problems anymore. i would say 05 and up seem to be fixed of those problems.

Piston slap doesnt cause any harm if you do have it.

piston slap still occurs. nearly every motor out there has some piston slap. what you need to look out for is excessive piston slap

as far as it not causing harm? thats
99.9999999999999999% of owners that do have piston slap will never have a problem (save for the annoying noise), but piston slap can be a big problem.
however, it usually takes a long time for any significant damage to occur.

Originally Posted by Stylish View Post
If it is really a piston slap and common thing. Then all Camaros should have the same thing. Everyone agree?
piston slap happens in nearly every motor out there. however, some motors will have more than others.
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