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When I was on my way back from Cape Cod 2 weeks ago,
-I got a warning saying low engine pressure, shut down the engine, when I checked it was at 5 PSI.
So whenever I stop the car the PSI of the oil drops to 4, when I have the RPM at 1.5-2k the pressure goes back up to 20 only.
I also noticed that when the engine is revved more than 2.5k the engine sounds different, Its not knocking sounds but close to it.
That trip back to Boston was intense, but the car survived.
well sorta...
-The front windshield got chipped from a rock chip that hit it....
Also for a while
-Engine sometimes dies on uphills while taking a 90 degree turns or more after a small application of throttle then off the throttle, the needle keeps going down till it hits 0.
-The radiator auxiliary tank leaks water from the cover, although it was replaced, i think the serrations themselves where damaged from the get go.

But since the car has a warranty from Livernois, they sent their enclosed tow truck to pick it up the fix all the related engine matters.

Andy from Livernois is suspecting an issue with the rods from the factory as the culprit in the issues that I'm having, as I do recall that at one time when my cars engine shut off on its own, but I thought it had to do with water going through the exhaust while doing a car wash.

We will see what happens.
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