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Originally Posted by dragonZ28 View Post
Hello guys, and gals.

These are not for sale yet.
However, from what I have been told, it will be within two weeks.

What I have been doing is placing customers on a notification list. As soon as these are available, I will notify all of those customers immediately. Anyone on that list will know before these even get on our site. I am not collecting any money at this time, only placing you on the list.

Even though they are not for sale now, I am going to post the prices of what they will be. This is only for your guys information, and because
"understandably" a huge amount of members are asking what they will cost at that time.

Sized for the hood $35.00
Sized for the rear $30.00
Sized for the grill $25.00
The "ZR1 style" 1LE peice in the pictures above this post will be $55.00

Thanks for your interest. Roger
List me please :-)

not sure how many i want yet, but i want on the list to be notified !
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