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This does seem like a fair review as someone who has switched from a 2010 2LT to a 2013 2SS. I was very disappointed at the low end throttle response on my SS until I got a ported throttle body and did a fuse pull. I can't wait until I get a cold air intake to further improve the response (waiting on Cold Rush to be released to compare to CAI/Rotofab, plus I've spent too much $ lately on other mods).

However, one thing is that the 2013 SS did seem to handle better than my 2010 2LT, it seems like the FE4 suspension does make a difference. Does the electric power steering in the 2013 offer any handling advantages vs the 2012 SS?

Both the LT and SS are way too quiet from the factory, so a new axle back exhaust at the very least is needed to wake up the sound (or muffler delete on the SS).

Oh yeah, Active Fuel Management sucks donkey balls, the Range device or a tune is a must for the L99 ;p. AFM was another reason I was initially disappointed in my SS. It should have ONLY been enabled in D mode from the factory FFS.
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