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Originally Posted by Missionboi View Post
Those pics are sweet Leo! Thats weird that it wont let you post high resolution pics probably because GALAXY SUCKS!!
oh my dear Andy you have a lot to learn lol

Originally Posted by Synerbee View Post
After dealing with a bunch of "you're not a man without a v8" guys all day, I usually figure it is cause of that. Sorry about that. Great looking ride and hope to see you at our next meet.
usually guys with small dicks say that

Originally Posted by pierre777 View Post
Did an awesome ride yesterday , here are some teaser pics for u guys and we're working on a vid for it I'll post it asap.

HT is taking over the world
LEGIT !!!!!!!!!! thats what I am talking about brotha ! you got the right idea

Originally Posted by pierre777 View Post
We broke a lot of necks that day even one guy was looking at my car in traffic and he bumped into the car infront of him hehe and that's what HT is all about
haha really ? poor guy, well at least he broke his neck and his car while experiencing something epic
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