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The display on my metra kit that I purchased via Amazon on December, 20, 2011 is a mess. Sometimes it doesn't light up at all. Sometimes it's orange other times it flickers blue.

Last October, I contacted Amazon and their first response was to contact the manufacturer for warranty claims.

So, I contacted Metra and they said:

Originally Posted by Metra
At this point, a firmware update may not resolve this. You can try to have a local shop that sells Metra, update it for you. If not, you will have to exchange it with Amazon. Your warranty is 1 year from the date of purchase, through the original place of purchase.”
I was travelling at that time and in the end, the warranty period expired on me before I did anything with it.

So, I just contacted Metra again last week to see if I could PAY them for a replacement part or send it in for repair:

Originally Posted by Eich
I wasn’t able get anywhere with Amazon and in the end, the warranty period is over.

Now the display on my Camaro dash kit is flashing erratically and driving me crazy. Is there a replacement part that I could purchase from you to fix it? Or does the entire thing need to be sent to you for repair? Or do I just have to replace the whole thing to get it working again?

Appreciate any advice…
Their response was:

Originally Posted by Metra
There is no repair, once the kit is returned to us from the vendor, it is scrapped. This is now WAY out of warranty, as I stated in my original reply on Oct 2, 2012 (when you were still within your 1 year warranty) the kit needed to be exchanged with the original place of purchase.
Not exactly stellar customer service nor a stellar product. Metra knows this is an issue and all they do is cover replacement through the original place of purchase for 12 months. So, unless you can continue to turn it in to the original place of purchase for complete replacement every 10 months or so before the warranty expires, you are out of luck. It's not clear if you get a new 12 month warranty on the replacment. But in any case, I'd never buy another.
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