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Originally Posted by State Funded View Post
Any refunds for a rainy day?
Not that I'm aware of...CGI's policy is that unless the rain produces dangerous conditions...they run. It provides a chance to learn how your car handles with limited traction...This is as much a learning experience as it is for fun - and they take advantage of damp conditions to teach wet handling.

Originally Posted by duffmobile View Post
add me to the list

Originally Posted by TLSTWIN View Post
OK, I am forcing myself to attend.

I just registered and paid

look forward to hitting this track again and a track for the first time this year.

Originally Posted by TLSTWIN View Post
I ran in the rain there last year.

Originally Posted by Zeus95 View Post
Add me to the list !! Paid and ready to go !

Originally Posted by JusticePete View Post
Dry is better
Originally Posted by OzzySS View Post
man, i wanna go to this...instead i'm trapped on this stupid tropical island :P
Oh. I feel so smilie for you.

Originally Posted by OldJedi View Post
Here are some suggestions from a newbie that attended the HPDE at Sebring put on by the Corvette Museum.
Bring sunglasses and test the sunglasses with the helmet on. Sometimes it can make a big difference with sunglass fit with the helmet on.

Please, please, please upgrade the brake fluid to a high temp fluid. Has good as our brakes are, the fluid needs a little help.
At the very least, if you're a hands-off person and only trust GM techs....have the fluid exchanged with new fluid...brake fluid over 10,000 miles has dust in it and is broken down.

Bring a Go Pro if you can. It real adds a lot to a very memorable day.

If you own a ZL1, you owe it to yourself and the car to see what she can really do. If you are a novice, the car is already much better than you are. To a skilled driver, she will make you better.
The ZL1 (and 1LE for that matter) will shock and awe their owners. ...The limit is so high, as long as you have a clear head and respect what you're can just keep pushing and pushing a little faster lap after lap.

Have Fun !! It will be the best money and the most fun you will ever have !!!

Be safe and take lots of pictures for us to enjoy. I wish it was closer or I would be there for sure.
We'll be thinking of you, OldJedi, that's for sure!!
"Keep the faith." - Fbodfather
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