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Originally Posted by dragonZ28 View Post
Not at all,

We get orders out in about 2-3 days. This is what we are usually are able to do.
Unlike other people who make emblems. We do this full time...... No days jobs, you can always reach us, etc....

1) We own all of our own eqiuipment. This simply means the work is not farmed out.
2) This eliminates the long lead times, and being dependent on another shops scheduling.
3) This also removes more hands in the pie, which increases the consumer end price.
4) Complete turn around time Is about 3 days.
We absolutely guaranteed will not be beat on fabrication times.
Thanks, for giving me the opportunity to state these facts.


lol, i'm sure you meant to say "DECREASES" the end price in #3 there, roger...

seriously tho, i think i had my badges within a week of clicking submit on my custom order from him...that's pretty dang good for being made to order and shipped to Hawaii, IMO.
Build thread linked in the pic...

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