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Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post

It's OK to not like the new taillamps - you've made that abundantly clear........but I ask you:


If not, I encourage you to perhaps withhold judgement about them until you 'meet' a 2014 in person.....just as I, along with Mr. Meissen will withhold judgement of you until we meet you in person.
Oh how I loathe this simplistic argument.

Have you seen the Mona Lisa in person? If not you can not claim its a great painting until you see it in person and up front.

Have you seen the Egyptian Pyramids? What you haven't? You can't claim them to be a marvel of their time until you have.

I can look at a pile of crap on a picture and know that it looks like a pile of crap. I don't need to see it in person.

There are more than enough high def, up close, far away, unlit, lit up on different colors to know that its hideous. And its magnified by by the giant square whole for the license plate and half its ass being covered by unpainted plastic forming that line right down the middle.

The front isn't much better thanks to 1990's style chrome stripping.
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