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Why rotate tires? Here's why....

Originally Posted by Comrando View Post
Sorry that happened to you.
Dealer is totally wrong.

I never have understood rotating tires.
Bunch of BS.
Like 3,000 mile oil changes.
You have steers and drives.
Replace the sets in pairs.
Who imagines the left wears out quicker or slower than the right?
Unless you are driving on an oval and seconds in a pit stop mean something.
Do you ever see a race crew rotating tires?
We all make rights and lefts.
Many tire professionals and manufacturers have studied the wear patterns of tires for different types of vehicles in different countries. My wife worked for Michelin Tires for many years. Essentially this is what their research has found....

"The outside, front tire is worn disproportionately. Cloverleaf interchanges, and parking ramps turn right in left hand drive (otherwise known as right hand traffic) countries, causing the left front tire to be worn faster than the right front. Furthermore, right turns are tighter than left turns, also causing more tire wear. Conversely the sidewalls on the right tire tends to be bumped and rubbed against the curb while parking the vehicle, causing asymmetric sidewall wear. The symmetric opposite occurs in countries that drive on the left."

Now, that being said, if your front and rear tires are different sizes and are directional (can only go in one direction) then you can not rotate tires. Some posters and readers of this forum have different tires than those that came from the factory so any blanket statement about your model or year may not be absolutely true.

EVERYONE makes mistakes. And just because they do, they are not instantly branded idiots. People who constantly make the same mistakes or don't learn by them, do get honor of being getting the idiot lable.
Dealers like every other business have a hard time finding good help and includes all levels - managers, sales persons, mechanics and floor washers. Dealerships that continually hire incompetent employees and don't care about customer service, are fools for obvious reasons, and probably fall into the idiot category.

Just sayin'....
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