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Originally Posted by JoeyB View Post
I will have more info on Friday, but here's another issue coming to light regarding the POS, JR Granatelli's work and parts.
He also did some minor work on my F-150 awhile ago and Hummer approx. 2 months ago, basically his air intake and coil packs on both.
Well almost immediatley the F-150 started to misfire and after bringing it back to JR 4 times (he installed a new coil wire each time, blamed the parts saying they couldn't handle the heat ????? ) And it still misfires to this day just not as often since I don't drive the truck as much anymore.
Now the Hummer check engine light comes on and code says misfire ! Hmmm funny ! JR installs his shitty parts (in my opinion) and bam ! Problems !
The Hummer is going to the dealer and will post what they say on Friday. I'm not 100% sure it's Granatelli's fault re: the Hummer, but my bet it is !
Also added all my receipts and spent over $36,000. with that POS !
I need a scarlet letter "D" (for dummy) to wear.
Just curious, with all of the very reputable hi-po shops available & feedback information available.....why did you go there in the 1st place?
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