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Originally Posted by Smirnoff View Post
Just curious, with all of the very reputable hi-po shops available & feedback information available.....why did you go there in the 1st place?
Didn't do my homework, that simple. Won't happen again, thats for sure.
JR and his staff are GREAT salesmen, so if you meet them or talk to them on the phone they are very good at promising you the moon.
BUT, once they don't come thru on their promises they are completely the opposite. Nothing is their fault and it will cost you more $$ to fix their screwups.
I should have had some clue when I saw his mechanics were all very young, and JR constantly jumping on them when ever I went to check up on my car.
Bottom line, I had them do work on 3 of my vehicles and have problems with ALL 3 now.
Before they worked on them ZERO problems ! I just wanted more power and all I got was ripped off !
My advice is to shop elsewhere !
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