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Mod 1: CoverKing Seat Covers

Price: $149.99 + $30.00 ("Camaro" Stitched Headrest Cover)
Recomendation: I would recommend these covers if you want to protect your seats. The "Camaro" stitching across the headrest also looks great from the outside and adds to the look of the car. These are very comfortable and easy to clean.

I purchased seat covers after discovering a small tear in the passenger side leather. This was somewhat of a bitter sweet modification as I love the stock orange accented leather but I wanted to protect the seats from any future damage. Starting to take the Camaro to shops for upgrades, I am much more comfortable with mechanics and gear heads moving my car with these seat covers installed. I am also no longer grimacing when friends come along for rides

The installation is a little tricky - the instructions are not over helpful as they are generic. The bottom portion of the cover fits snugly on over the seat with the edges tucked into the plastic trim. Two straps extend under the seat from the front of the cover to the back. These straps are extremely difficult to tighten and I had to use a heavy gauge wire to pull the draw strings taunt. I ended up only doing one of the two straps on the passenger side as it was too difficult to fish the wire through the under-seat motors. The back cover fits snugly with a portion being slipped between the backrest and seat. This is portion is Velcroed to the rear portion of the the backrest cover. The headrest installation is intuitive.

One issue I noticed is that when the backrest is lowered for someone to enter the rear seat of the vehicle the covers shift a little. This shifting is minimal with proper installation an can easily be corrected in a few seconds. Also, there are a couple straps hanging from the rear of the backrest cover that I could not figure out where to attach to. These are just pushed under the seat (I never sit in the back so I don't mind lol). Also, there is a flap that extends from the back of the backrest down to the floor (not a tight fit); however, this keep feet from being put on your rear seats.

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