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Originally Posted by meissen View Post
Pontiac G8 is simply awesome -- and I would agree that's a practical next step from the Camaro. That or a Trailblazer SS. I'm a GM employee, so my only considerations would be other GM products as a personal preference. Depending on if I could afford it, I'd love to pick up a used Chevrolet SS in 4-5 years once the price goes down a bit.

Considering your criteria (multiple kids and safety in snow), I would say an AWD TBSS would be your best consideration. They can be had used in very clean condition for the 15-16k range here in Michigan.
I agree, that Chevy SS looks awesome! At 44k it better Thats exactly what I want but for half the price lol. Maybe if I wasn't dealing with the mindnumbing cost of daycare now I could consider that ha.
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