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I had a G8 and sold it right before I got the camaro. I LOVED that car and if it made sense to have both, I would! It was so plush and comfy, and my 6'4" friend rode comfortably in the back, actually having leg room (amazing!). Very smooth and FAST too. I'd love to have a G8 again one day with a maggie on it and some bolt ons, that would be slick.

I also love my TBSS, they make well over 300rwhp especially if you modify them. Not a 'new' vehicle any longer but I love it none the less. The practicality of an SUV (lots of room, five passenger, good visibility) but handles like a car (short turning radius, sporty suspension) and hauls $@%! Would be great for kids too - being higher up you/your wife won't be bending over to remove/install kiddies.

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