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Did I get in over my head..?

I'd hope not, but I kinda felt it needed to be done anyway. I'm referring to the Camaro Fund for Fbod that I started in order for him to have money to purchase Thor once it's released from CTF service.

I just think that he needs the car.. and when the suggestion was made, I jumped on it.

Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
Holy Cheese and Crackers!

I've been away and have been monitoring the sites a lil bit on Friday -- but completely missed the one that you started about taking up a collection for Thor.

First of all -- let me say that I am deeply - and I do mean DEEPLY touched that some would think so kindly of me. (and THOR!) It's things like this that make me stop and realize how rich my life is BECAUSE of people like you, ZABO, and so many others on this board and others - and the Camaro/Firebird Community at large. Thank you - thank you -- thank you for your kind, unselfish thoughts.

That said:

1. There are many people in this world that need help everyday just getting out of bed. (.....and then there are those who cannot even get out of bed.....) Those are the ones we all need to help -- and to pray for -- and to keep in our minds first and foremost.

2. I don't know what the outcome will be for Thor - I am hopeful that he'll be retrofitted at Milford -- checked over high and low -- and then make his way with some brothers and sisters to a GM auction where a dealer will buy him and HOPEFULLY he'll go to a good home.
I will say this: 12,000 miles and virtually NO PROBLEMS -- and he's a early one! This Camaro has been one of the most enjoyable and satisfying automobiles I've ever driven. (....and I've driven a LOT of cars and trucks!)

3. GM would prohibit you from doing that as long as I'm employed....strictly forbidden and I would be summarily dismissed.
(when I retire, you can all buy me a small country, ....'kay?) ( j/k)

Again - to all of my friends at Camaro5 -- God Bless ya! (and it's the thought that counts!)
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