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Originally Posted by HaulnSS View Post
I have to say, as a newer person on this site and to be honest, I only read the first six pages and jumped to the end. Kind of like book reports in school... I digress....

I can't believe how many people jump at the chance to dog this guy. He wanted a car back, was it really necessary to point out that is was stupid or that he may not get it, or buy another one. I am a member on several "forums" and am surprised how rude some people are on here.

Sorry, had to say it.... Off my soapbox now.

it is what it is.. I hear u though, this is my first forum ever and its kinda sad to see some of those posts.. a lot of them poking fun (i chock the drug comments to just humor.. i mean if they weren't there a good amount of people would be wondering), but then there are some that show that they are just a*******.. I found a thread showing a porche forum talking about the z28 and I was thinking here's a long thread where they are talking about a competing car and there are no snide or ah*** remarks.. even the comments against the z28 are classy

OP has money and wants to look for his car and a bunch of people just love to hate

found this thread to be pretty interesting to follow and helped save me from an hour of boredom at work.. glad he found the car and can put the issue to rest

Originally Posted by tjk_art View Post
So basically- the 'package was successfully delivered' and now you don't want the car anymore ?
these types i don't mind.. lol

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