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On a side note, we have traveled to other Vinyl shops in the U.S. because we also are a distributor for Clear Bra Products. Unfortunately, we have seen our designs stolen and copied for others to make money off of.

For those who have supported us the originator of the NS line, we say thank you!!!

Thank you for believing in friendships and not just business practice or the bottom line.

We have tried to be as fair as possible with our friends here on C5, Though you may find a cheaper kit out there, it is NOT 3M 1080 and it is NOT cut to fit as ours do for a cheaper price.

I have seen first hand how these kits are installed and the Vinyl they are made from.
Honestly, I'm glad they are imitations of the real NS kits. Because we would NOT put our name on them.

I just wanted to thank our LOYAL customers for their support the last two years.

A Sincere and Heart felt THANK YOU to you.

Seth and Colin

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