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Originally Posted by SROD View Post
Is it not the same as a subwoofer install? Even though you have the power cord, the remote wire, and the negative hooked up in the car and the car is shut off, the amp still will draw power from the battery, since it still has the positive cord hooked to the battery terminal. I know, i let my car sit a week with my subs hooked up so it died. Had to go to autozone to get it charged.

So my opinion with the range, even if you wire it to work off a constant 12V and the car was turned off, the range would still draw power, ultimately putting you back in the same situation youre in now.

Like Adam said, it is much more easy to just unplug it when not in use for more than 3 days.
The only wire that draws power from the battery is wire/pin 16....I plan on cutting that wire. It will only be hot when the car is running..... so no power is being drawn when the car is off
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