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Callaway Supercharged Hot Wheels Camaro

A couple of weeks ago, my dealership gave me a Corvette Grand Sport for the weekend to take to the Good Guys car show in Loveland, Colorado. There were two beautiful ZL1's, one Rally Yellow and one Victory Red, doing the autocross (while the only '13 GT500 at the whole show just sat in the grounds for the whole weekend!). Those beautiful machines got me to thinking that I hadn't posted on here since we had our Inferno Orange 1LE (which we have a twin of now) early this year. I've been on here reading every piece of info that I can on the Z/28 but we haven't had any noteworthy Camaros in inventory to show off to real owners who see these things every day and aren't easily impressed. Then early this week I was answered when a transport from Santa Ana, California showed up and off pulled this glorious Hot Wheels Special Edition 2SS RS that we shipped to Callaway for performance upgrades. They turned the beautiful Kinetic Blue Camaro into even more of an animal with a supercharger that bumps power up to an underrated 572 and many more things that are detailed in the sticker. It is a blast to drive and equally as awesome to look at! Enjoy the pictures and if you are any where near Fort Lupton, come on by! I'd love to show it to you! We also have a 2SS RS Manual Dusk Edition left and one of the 2027 Aqua Blue SS's ever made in stock and it is amazing with the ground effects package and black 21 inch wheel upgrade!
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