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Originally Posted by Bhobbs View Post
No kinetic energy? 5.56 fired at the close ranges associated with HD would be devastating on soft tissues. The bullet would tumble and fragment inside the body. The temporary cavity created would be much larger than that of a 9mm hollow point. The issue with 5.56 is at extended ranges where the velocity drops off below the point where it will tumble and fragment.
That's why home defense should incorporate nothing less than a 30-06 and a 16" bayonet

All kidding aside, the idea of shooting through a wall or three and injuring or killing an innocent is a sobering thought. I'd prefer to rely on a loyal and powerful dog for protection in my home. Barring that my choice would be my P226 in 9mm as opposed to any rifle I have, as it is very reliable and very accurate and very easy to shoot.

Originally Posted by Mr_Draco View Post
A hand won't block much against those that break into your house with a crowbar or baseball bat.
On the other hand, pun intended, a free hand can more easily open a door, etc. I would have no illusions about becoming a ninja and parrying crowbar blows with my rifle while deftly maneuvering to bring it into play. If I see him and I have a pistol, I'm not allowing that to happen anyway. If an intruder has the drop on me, if he surprises me and I don't see him, I'm done no matter what. Instead I'd really like the dog to be chewing off his arms

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