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I can't really describe my method if exiting the car other than to say by parking in the garage I'm limited in how far I can open the door when I exit. I don't literally put all my wait on the strip but it's hard not to at least brush against it with my right foot as I try to stand. It's a design flaw in my opinion because my parking situation is not that uncommon and the material is quite brittle for such an exposed spot. The only way I can avoid touching it completely would be to avoid parking in my garage or exaggerate my "leg swing" when I stand and risk pushing my door into a concrete wall. I take very good care of my car and I've never had a similar problem over 20 years of driving. It's a bit asinine to insinuate those of us having this problem are careless and at fault because you haven't had the same issue. I'm just looking for a reasonable solution that works for me before I have it fixed. While new, my camaro was on the car lot for an entire Florida summer so I'm wondering if the strength of my weatherstripping could have been compromised from prolonged heat exposure because It's surprisingly brittle. I need to check to see if the door could be rubbing as well.

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