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A pain wraped yellow ss going south on Canyon rd just west of 160th. This around 4:15 pm. A yellow with black or red hood rally stripes going south on on 167 just north of the 410 512 interchange.
Iwas just getting back from taking my grandson to the airport. Going east on 512 a silver ss with orange rally strips was next to to me we gave each other a wave. I got off on the canyon road exit and so did he. He followed me for a while then I followed him. He turn on to 176 in same direction that I was going. We got to the 161 and 176 interchange he rolled down his passenger window and I opened my driver side. I pointed to the Wendys parking lot. We got out and started to talk about our Camaros He asked me did I have any engine mods done and told not but I did so lighting and sound system upgrades. He liked that I had red door abl lights in stead of the blue. He liked the gauges that I have on the pillar.
I told him he should join us here on Camaro5. I wrote it down for him. He told he would just as soon has got home. He went about 2 miles out of his way so he could talk to me about Camaros.
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