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Originally Posted by kalimus View Post
AR inside the home, non-AR... Can anyone point to anything that suggests an AR to be potentially more dangerous to your surroundings than a handgun? Because everything I read says otherwise. The only time I ever read about an AR being a worse choice for home defense is from personal opinions and Joe Biden's comrades.
I don't know about that, but I do know that one of the attractions of the AR is it's choice of multiple calibers. Assuming that the caliber is .223 and then making a statement that this is what an 'AR' is, is like saying all blue cars have V6 engines. I have a friend with an AR in .458. Mine is in 5.56. Obviously different animals.

But I do know that I disagree strongly with suggesting that a gun enthusiast who has a differing opinion than yours is a 'Joe Biden Comrade'. That would be the same thing as me replying to you with "you're a wannabe Operator". How does that advance the discussion?
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