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Good morning gang. I slept in this morning and in a way it felt good but now I am paying the price. I always get a headache and back ache when I sleep late and it does not really matter what time I go to bed. Today I will get a good work out. We plan to wash & way my huge truck. Mike's Yukon is rough to wash/wax, but this truck is about 2 1/2 feet longer & taller too. I will be glad to have it done and I actually enjoy doing it but I will be TOTALLY spent when I am done. The Camaro wears me out so I know the truck will be worse. It is also going to be very hot & humid. But at least we are doing it together. I also need to put some fertilizer on my flower bed. I will be burning more calories than I consume today for sure! I hope everyone has an enjoyable Saturday.

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