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Originally Posted by benji1997 View Post
I have not had the fade away issue at all and I have 16,000 miles on my 2013 with the HUD always turned on. My issue is the radio information fade away. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. All other HUD info seems to work as designed. Definitely have your cars serviced. This sounds like a fixable issue. If it's possible while you're driving, have your phone cam ready to record the fade away so you have something to show your dealer.
The thing is my car is literally just a month old, got it on May 16th of this year and this happened yesterday when I was coming back from work. To top that off like I said I only have approx 1035 miles on it which kinda had me worried. I will soon be taking it in to the dealership for its first oil change when I hit about 1500miles and I will talk to my dealer about this at that time and see what he has to say.
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