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Originally Posted by CamaroKevin View Post
Ever consider something like this?

I saw it on a black Camaro before, looked pretty nice.
Yeah, that's pretty cool. Not sure if it'd look good with the supercharged badge, though. Maybe too many letters on the back

Originally Posted by RonnieG View Post
i think the bowtie looks fine.. like it's meant to be dark grey.. then again it may be more faded than I'm noticing.. i personally don't like when things have too little badging.. that plainness you speak of.. paint it maybe?

i like the supercharged emblem, just not sure i like the placement.. different centering than the SS.. if you go with the SS in place of the bowtie maybe shift supercharged towards right side?

i bought the cheap publix (grocery) brand floss and it worked fine for removing the SS.. just make sure you heat it up enough i guess...


wow.. this i like... i just may steal this.. minus the supercharged.. cuz i don't have one yet and also because i encourage others to try =)
I'm thinking of doing the large sparks SS emblem in white, in place of the bow tie. That way, like someone else mentioned, the front and back match. If I do that, I'll probably just remove the small red SS. I'd like to avoid moving the "supercharged" badge, but putting it on the right side is a possibility. The placement would be about the same, though. It'd just be on the other side.

Here's sort of what I'm thinking....
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