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Originally Posted by ChrisBlair View Post
But I do know that I disagree strongly with suggesting that a gun enthusiast who has a differing opinion than yours is a 'Joe Biden Comrade'. That would be the same thing as me replying to you with "you're a wannabe Operator". How does that advance the discussion?
The point wasn't the comment. The point was they don't give any reference to support any of their claims. Like... a double barrel shotgun is better? I'm not calling anybody anything. I'm just saying that's the only times I've ever heard that argument about an AR being a poor home defense weapon. Always opinions, but nothing to back up the opinions.

I always love to learn, and reserve the right to alter my opinion when presented with new evidence. That's what I'm looking for, and have not ever been presented with any evidence that really supports an AR being a poor home defense weapon. In fact, I always read the contrary... with the one generally accepted point that there can be a disadvantage going through your house with a long gun... of any kind. And even that... I'm not convinced.
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