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Originally Posted by Angrybird 12 View Post
If no police report is filed or no insurance claim is made there is a great possibility it would never show on a Carfax. I have seen cars that the whole front had been replaced and you could tell it had other accident damage but Carfax says it had never been in an accident...
Happened to me. Bought a Jeep Commander at a killer price with a clean CarFax a few years back and found out later it had been wrecked prior to my purchase. was discovered during an alignment at a local independent jeep shop. Dug into the details and found it had been wrecked by an Illinois dealer while in their position after a trade-in and they "fixed" in their shop and didn't file a claim initially. It showed on CarFax a few months after I bought it. Problem is they didn't replace bent subframe which showed up during the Indy's inspection. I hate CarFax now and would never trust them; its a false sense of security that's easily averted. Always get a trustworthy independent mechanic to inspect; never rely on the selling dealership or their staff to give you the whole truth.

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