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Originally Posted by Buschman View Post
Hey guys, I wish the search on this site actually worked. It would make most of our lives alot easier.
I am going to order a Magnaflow x-pipe but need help on which one, should I go with the 11386 2.5" in/out with a 2.5"to 2.25" adapter on the out. Or go with the 11385 2.25" in/out and put the 2.5" to 2.25" on the in? Or am I completely wrong that the pipes are 2.5" coming from the cats, down to 2.25" to the exhaust???
If you're having trouble searching the site with the forum search tool, you can go to google and type in " something to search for" and it will do a google limited search on this site. I also think there is a built in google search if you click on "Search" in the toolbar below the breadcrumb navigation.
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