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Originally Posted by Hercules View Post
Some parts stores actually carry the clamps. You are supposed to use a special tool to squeeze the clamp shut, it pushes down on the center while you squeeze the sides. If I put the original back on I'll just use a hose clamp that can be bought anywhere. It does the same thing it's just not as fancy looking and is removable. A lot of CV boots use those style clamps so people don't mess with them.
Glad to see that everything else went well.

Do you have a dual valve catch can, and if so how did you hook it up to the "T" valve with the hose sizes being different? I'm trying to find a nice plain and clean way to do it.
The biggest issue I had with the install was getting the breather canister positioned away from the pulley. I spent a good hour farting around with the elbow and 90 degree fitting making sure the canister was well away from the pulley. There's a little tilt to the canister but it doesn't appear any more excessive than what I saw in photos of some other installs. The rest of the installation didn't give me any problems.

I have an Elite catch can I transferred from previous Camaro so I didn't need to use the "T" valve.

The weather was so hot and humid this afternoon after I finished the install that I decided to wait until this evening when the temps were a little cooler to take a test drive. Unfortunately a band of thunderstorms came through around 7P and killed that idea. Hopefully the weather will be more cooperative in the morning.

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