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Will do

Originally Posted by 2010SLVRBULIT View Post
avg $, guessing...don't forget to post your before/after #s.
Will do.

Getting the run done is the first week of July.

Adding the mace spacers. Plenum and intake. Ordered and arrived.

Polishing the tb a bit.

Polishing the intake as well.

In aug I am adding the BBK headers and getting tune from Vince.

In sept I am putting a 100 shot of nos in there. Going to dial it to 55 and work up. Not a racer just want it for late night taco runs.

Then I am dynoing 2 runs with the mods and 1 run with the 100 shot of nos.

That is if that can be safely done. I truthfully never saw a nos run on a dyno but it it's allowed I am gonna do it.

Other than than I really want to dig in there and see how much oil and carbon built up.

Probably will be getting the catch can. We will see.

Thx for the inputs on price.
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