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10-14 mpg city on 2012 LT?? (video link inside)

Hi Guys,

For some reason (I expected my CAI filter at first but now not so sure) I'm getting horrible MPG this summer compared to last, but I don't think I'm driving any differently. Here's a quick video I took last night without driving too aggressively:

Can this possibly be right? I'm consistently only getting about 10-14 mpg driving locally. If it wasn't for times of coasting with foot off of pedal I'd probably be in single digits. I have no idea what this could be. The car sat most of the winter; started summer with an oil change. I tried re-oiling CAI intake filter twice now, also used MAF sensor cleaner and tried ECU fuse pull for the hell of it. Nothing helped; only other mod within engine compartment is catch can.

Any ideas what would be causing such low mpg now when I haven't changed anything on the car since last summer? I'm not sure where to even start troubleshooting this.

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