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Originally Posted by Nick S View Post
Yeah I kind of figured that. But I just thought since the actual 1LE's have been out for a while now why wouldn't any shirts that are made now have an actual 1LE represented on it. Not that it's a big deal because the way the concept looks is probably how mine will end up looking someday anyhow and I think most would agree that it's probably the way it should have come from the factory.

What I think really should have been different is the Camaro font should have been the 5th gen font and not the 4th gen font. That seems weird to me.
Great points all around and GOOD EYES! While at Six Flags with the family today, I got the email from the shirt printer saying they had to change the font and asked me to change out the pic of the shirt. They got that part fixed. Everything else, though...I believe is going to stay. Doesn't the factory 1LE have the rockers as an option? Which...means it's still factory.

And guys...good news. Two weeks and we should begin accepting orders!
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