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Originally Posted by Nathan Moreno View Post
I guess you can say I can "laugh now", That was a pretty hair raising moment at the time. Coming out the garage and seeing the car up in smoke!!! I remember screaming for Seth to run out and a pull the battery cable off as I ran to get an extinguisher, scaring $htiz right there!

BTW, thanks for keeping the secret as long as you did......... we should definitely hit 1.5 Gs now

Small update:

Got the rear Stop Tech in yesterday. Should be another week for the fronts. All I can say is these things are BAD A$$!!! This by no means was a cheap propositions as they were an $8,000 upgrade! They will definitely help us reach our goal for project G5.R. We will keep the goal under raps for now.

Attachment 527409

You can see how they carve in between the pistons just to reduce as much weight as possible.

Attachment 527410

Changing from street pads to track pads couldn't be easier. Calipers don't need to be removed. Just remove the two bolts on "black colored" assembly and remove. Replace pads and reinstall, it that easy.

Attachment 527411

Changing the pads without taking the calipers off is extremely bad ass.
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