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Originally Posted by Sickwitit View Post
:b s:
But thanks for letting me off the hook so easy (True Friend), but I should have made time for you my dude...these clients be bugging man, they think they own all my time :mad026 0:, but seriously Bro my bad. I really would like to do a photo shoot with the 2 cars, theme could be Beauty and the Beast. Delaware isn't really that far, shit we did 3 shows out that way this month.

How wide are the wheels?
What are friends for my dude . I know the feeling man clients calling me all day at work expecting the world to stop for them and get their shit done. I just tell em get in line LOL. Let me know man, been saving my pennies lately still looking for a place of my own with my girl. So I probably won't drop any coin on tires till mid Julyish. I'm loving the theme of the shoot . Yeah I just checked the weather and it looks like rain all for the next 10 days so what a wash.

Wheels are 22x9 front and 22x11 rear. +25 offset front and +27 rear. Pretty aggressive to get maximum concave without the rears sticking out too much. I'm thinking of selling them though.
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