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Originally Posted by Deki View Post
It doesn't matter how many models of Corvettes there are that would "kill" a 911S, or any 911, OP wasn't comparing the two. And performance is the only thing that matters when comparing two cars against each other in PERFORMANCE tests. That's why they compare the 911 Turbo to the GTR, and the Z06/ZR1 to Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and Porsche. Does value matter to people that are looking at buying one? Yes. To Average Joe's and keyboard commandos, price only matters for the sake of an argument. If someone is looking at a 911S, most of the time they are not cross shopping a Corvette, of any kind. Different driving experience, different type of car, and totally different market segments. The GT-R was supposed to slay the 911 Turbo, and it a lot of performance tests it did. Do you know how much market share it took from the 911 Turbo? Exactly 0%. GT-R got released, and 911 numbers still went up that year, and the following year, and last year, and they are up again this year.
Because 911s are the SH$%#$$#t
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