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Originally Posted by LowLife View Post
It looks great , saw it today. The fords have the nicest interior out of the big 3 right now.
Thanks for the assistance with the wheels Glen... I already talked to Corey, we'll order the sensors and I'll get them to you....

Originally Posted by Supercharged SS View Post
What did they give you for the Dodge?

So....are you setting up the tow rig drag races at Indy!!
I got 22K for the Dodge... and what's funny is the Ford dealer offered me more than the dodge dealer did, by 3K.... No complaints on the whole deal....

As for Indy, I would if they let us, but I won't be there unless somethin major changes... We are towing the rig into the shipyard as soon as we finish this job and then it's off to Nicaragua... They want our crew to make the tow... So, I'll leave for work in two weeks and probably be gone for 4-6 weeks depending on tow time and other issues... however, if something changes, I'll be heading to Indy...
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